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CSF Leadership


Thank you for applying to be an officer in the California Scholarship Federation.

Please complete all aspects of the application by April 18th:

  1. Please ask a teacher or community leader to write a letter of recommendation on why you would be an excellent candidate for CSF officer in our Trinity chapter. Send them this link so they may complete the recommendation online.
  2. Fill out the application
  3. Follow up with your recommender to make sure they have submitted the recommendation letter online by the April 18th deadline

* Officers will help with chapter meetings, check-in/attendance logs, and service project recording. * Officers will be required to help research, create and lead service projects in our community including planning, implementation, publicity, organizing, and reporting of results. *Officers will help lead CSF meetings, create agendas, disseminate relevant information, email and text members with updates and reminders, take notes, publish minutes, create attendance logs, follow up with students who miss meetings, answer questions about CSF for other students, and man information tables.

*** Officers are required to meet the minimum 10 point requirement of membership for BOTH semesters of the year they are an officer.  Please consider your qualification status prior to applying.

Which officer position would you like to apply for?required

Please complete an Essay Response. *
Please make sure your essay is at least 300 words in length, going into detail. (see essay prompts below).
In addition, one Letter of Recommendation is required.
(click HERE to send request for a recommendation)
*If you need to step away from the essay, you may click the 'save for later' button at the bottom of the page and return to finish your essay at a later time.
Essay (Please address all three of the prompts in your essay): 
1) Describe a specific service project in our community that you could see yourself executing during the coming school year which utilizes your leadership qualities. (see notes below regarding the type of project you should be targeting).
2) Please discuss your leadership roles to date and the qualities you possess that make you a good candidate for a CSF officer position. 
3) Do you feel that you have the time to lead a project, and act in an officer position given your other school, sports, and extracurricular commitments?  
Projects should have the following characteristics: fulfill a need within the school or larger community, be well-planned and executed.  A student’s service project can reflect one's particular talents or interests, but needs to be one that all members of CSF could easily participate in (we have between 80-100 people a semester in CSF). The officer shall be responsible for designing and facilitating the service project, including tracking student involvement.  The project must be applicable to this coming 2021-2022 school year. We will have one service project per semester.

Don't forget to send this link to a teacher or community leader so they may write your recommendation.

Signed applications are due April 18th2020 at 3:00 p.m. with the required essay and letter of recommendation.  Applications must have all the components turned in by the due date in order to be reviewed. Incomplete applications will not be eligible for consideration. 

This form requires a signature that you are attesting that the information you are presenting is accurate and complete and that at least one of your parents has read the information and can verify that it is true, accurate and complete. Typing in your name below constitutes your electronic signature. Please don't type your parent's name for them. Have them review your application and sign the form.

Please type your name here
Please ask your parent to review your application and type their name here​​