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Summer Reading Assignments (6th-12th grades)

 Grade  Title  Author  ISBN
 6th Literature  Prince Caspian  C.S. Lewis  978-0-06-447105-3 
 7th Literature  Mythology  Edith Hamilton   978-0316223331
 8th Literature  The Great Divorce  C.S. Lewis  978-0-06-065295-1
 9th Literature  Frankenstein  Mary Shelley  978-0-486-28211-4 
 10th   Literature   "The Knight's Tale" from  The Canterbury Tales  Geoffrey  Chaucer  978-0140424386
 11th Literature   Peter and Wendy  J.M. Barrie  978-0-14-243793-3 
 12th Literature   The Picture of Dorian Gray  Oscar Wilde  978-0141439570


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