Photo of David Augur

David Augur

Logic School PE / Outdoor Discipleship / Volleyball Coach 2011
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Photo of Ivette DeMarois

Ivette DeMarois

PE / Varsity Cheer Coach / Cheer Adviser 2007
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Photo of Lexi Dominguez

Lexi Dominguez

Head Coach Varsity Girls Soccer 2016
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Photo of Dawn Hammer

Dawn Hammer

Upper School Science / Girls JV Volleyball Asst Coach 2011
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Photo of Daniel Hebert

Daniel Hebert

Logic School PE / Varsity Girls Basketball Coach / Athletics Asst 2016
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Photo of Kathleen Kahovec

Kathleen Kahovec

PE Teacher, Varsity Cross Country Coach 2016
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Photo of Kaeli Massetto

Kaeli Massetto

Logic School Math, Asst JH Softball Coach, Asst Var. Softball Coach, Logic School New Student Liaisons Advisor 2016
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Photo of Rebecca Peluffo

Rebecca Peluffo

Varsity Volleyball Head Coach / Volleyball Program Coordinator 2014
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Photo of Les Robinson

Les Robinson

PE/Head Varsity Football Coach 2014
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Photo of Zach Schafer

Zach Schafer

Economics / Logic School PE / Campus Supervision / Imago Dei Strength & Conditioning 2013
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Photo of Zach Weichbrodt

Zach Weichbrodt

Humanities Chair 2008
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