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Virtue, Wisdom, Purpose and Courage...

This phrase is repeated often in chapel, in class and in the courtyard. They are the four pillars of our mission and everything at Trinity is purposed to producing young men and women with these attributes.

Being a TK-12 school which also embraces the Imago Dei School (school for students with developmental disabilities) and Libertas Prep (homeschool program) and gives tuition assistance to 60% of families means that our community is diverse - in age, in ability, and socioeconomically. The ethnic diversity is reflective of our surrounding community.

Trinity is a Christian school that maintains Christianity as a driving force in its culture. Parents are required to provide a Pastor's Reference Form annually and to agree with the Statement of Faith. Students are not required to be Christians in order to attend, but the hope and prayer is that all students come to know and love the Lord during their tenure. Over 60 different Christian churches are represented by Trinity families.


Check out the athletics website for all the details about sports at all levels and to register:

Libertas students in Track #1 may participate in athletics at Trinity. Athletic teams participate in the CIF Southern Section and there are a variety of sports offered to the high school students. Junior high school students may participate in Trinity's athletics programs in our local private school league.

Teia Salvino pictured with another swimmer

The mission of Trinity Athletics is to pursue
Integrity, Camaraderie and Victory
in our athletics endeavors within the context of
the mission of Trinity Classical Academy.
We define our success by the attitude and effort
put forth as we strive to honor
the Lord in all we do.
(1 Corinthians 10:31)

For more information about enrolling as a Libertas athlete, please fill out our inquiry form:


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Libertas students are able to take advantage of the robust fine arts program that Trinity has to offer. Read about it HERE

Clubs and Activities

Libertas students are able to take advantage of many of the opportunities available to Trinity students. See more details HERE:

After School Co-Curricular Activities

Libertas students can register for these opportunities in the Fall HERE and in the Spring HERE