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Co-Op Classes (Grades 7-12)

We are excited to offer core courses for the upcoming 2023 – 2024 school year, specifically to support our Libertas independent study families AND as an outreach to the local homeschooling community! 

Libertas History class

We are Offering the Following Full-Year Courses:

World Lit & comp (grades 9-12)
World History (grades 9-12)
English Comp (grades 7-8)

Spanish 1 (grades 7-12)

Spanish 2 (grades 8-12)

$595 per year* (Track #1 - students enrolled in Libertas)
$650 per year* (Track #2 - students not enrolled in Libertas - taking classes only)

Biology + Lab (grades 9-12)
Chemistry + Lab (grades 10-12)

Science & the Bible (grades 9-12)
(course descriptions below)

$695 per year** (Track #1 - students enrolled in Libertas)
$750 per year** (Track #2 - students not enrolled in Libertas - taking classes only)

Class size is limited and priority will be given to those who pre-register. Student texts are an additional cost.

These class offerings are designed to help our Jr. and  Sr. High School students fulfill their graduation requirements, to supplement a rigorous college prep independent course of study, and to provide a wonderful opportunity for our students to develop friendships with other students in the Libertas Prep Independent Study program.

Classes will meet weekly for 70-90 minutes of instruction provided by qualified instructors, followed by additional time at home for independent learning with parent-teacher supervision. Assignments and grades will be administered by the instructors.

The first five classes will be held on Fridays at Valencia Hills Community Church in Santa Clarita.  (*no uniform required)

The Biology (Fridays) and (Chemistry) classes will be taught by qualified Trinity instructors and will be held in the science lab classrooms at Trinity Classical Academy. (**modified uniforms required)

All Co-op Class offerings will be taught from a Biblical worldview by qualified instructors.

Science & the Bible, Grades 9-12
(Mondays 2:00-3:10pm)

Course Description to come soon from instructor Dr. Mark Phillips...

Chemistry + Lab, Grades 10-12
(Wednesdays 2:00-3:10pm)

This is an introductory course in theories and concepts of modern chemistry and will be taught from a Christian worldview. This course is concerned with the structure and properties of matter, and the overall course design emphasizes problem solving, analysis, and application. Topics covered include the atomic theory, atomic bonding, the mole concept, properties of solids, liquids, and gases, chemical reactions, acid-base chemistry, and qualitative analysis. Labs will be performed using primarily microscale techniques. Prerequisite: Algebra 1 (Required)

Biology + Lab, Grades 9-12
(Friday 2:00-3:10pm)

This course covers all topics outlined in the California Standards for secondary level Biology instruction. It is designed to prepare students for further studies in Biology at the collegiate level, and to give a background for everyday life concerns and decisions in our technological age. Topics include: biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, genetic expression through transcription and translation (protein synthesis), genetic engineering, ecology, biological classification and biological origins. The laboratory component includes use of a microscope and the study of various life forms.

Full calendar / schedule

including teachers, times, details will be available for download soon. Please check back.

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Begin your Application for Enrollment for 2022-23

IF you are ready to register and pay for a Co-Op class, you may do so using the form below. 


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Libertas Prep Co-Op Classes

Please fill out one form per student.
Classes are open to all independent study students. All classes are taught from a Christian worldview by qualified instructors. Assignments and grades will be administered through Google Classroom.
You have the option to pay in full with a credit card OR if you are a Libertas family, you can choose to have it added to your existing tuition payment plan. 


Student's Namerequired
First Name
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Student's Grade:required
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Please tell us the name of any independent study program or PSP you are registered in.
We are offering five full-year Academic courses for Upper School.
  • Classes will meet Fridays at Valencia Hills Community Church.
  • Student texts are an additional cost.
  • No uniforms required.
  • Study hall with supervision is available between classes.
  • Syllabus for each course will be provided in July.
Cost per course:
$595/year (Track #1 students - enrolled in Libertas Prep)
$650/year (Track #2 students - not enrolled in Libertas - taking classes only)
Select one or more:
Select one or more:


We are offering three High School Science courses.
  • Science classes will meet at Trinity Classical Academy.
  • Modified uniforms will be required.
  • Student texts are an additional cost.
  • Syllabus for each course will be provided in July.
Cost per course: 
$695/year (Track #1 students - enrolled in Libertas Prep)
$750/year (Track #2 students - not enrolled in Libertas - taking classes only)
Select one, two or all three
Select one or both:
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If you are a Libertas family, you have the option to add payment to your tuition or you can pay in full on a credit card.

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