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My name is Susan Todd and I’m blessed to serve as the program coordinator for Libertas Preparatory School, the Independent Study Program at Trinity Classical Academy. Libertas was founded in 2017, and while it is the newest school branch in the Trinity family tree, its roots in the independent study community go back more than 30 years when it was previously known as Advantage Preparatory School. As a private Christian school, APS had been serving Christian families in the Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding communities since the mid-1980s. When the founders of APS decided it was finally time to retire, Liz Caddow, Head of School at Trinity Classical Academy, was providentially looking for an innovative way to embrace even more Christian families in the Santa Clarita area and thus, Libertas Preparatory School was born! As part of the larger Trinity family, Libertas Prep is a thriving community of Christian families who have prayerfully chosen to honor God’s call to educate their children and to “bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord!”  Our Libertas families consider it a privilege to take on the responsibility of discipling their children in this way, and we are extremely blessed to have the  encouragement, and tremendous support of Trinity Classical Academy partnering with us to advance the Kingdom as we teach our children for God’s glory!

Libertas Prep Information Meetings

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Nov. 7th -  Tues @ 7pm - 8:15pm on Zoom
Dec. 5th -  Tues @ 7pm - 8:15pm on Zoom  
Jan. 29 -  Mon @ 6:30pm - 8pm - Trinity campus - Room 101
Feb. 13 - Tues @ 7pm - 8:15pm on Zoom
Mar. 11 - Mon @ 6:30pm - 8pm - Trinity campus - Room 101
Mar. 26 - Tues @ 7pm - 8:15pm on Zoom
Apr. 15
- Mon @ 6:30pm - 8pm -Trinity campus - Room 101
Apr. 23 - Tues @ 7pm - 8:15pm on Zoom
June 10
 - Mon @ 6:30pm - 8pm -Trinity campus - Room 101

Contact stodd@trinityclassicalacademy.com for a Zoom link.


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