Noble Knights

The Grammar School Peer Mentor program called the “Noble Knights” is a program designed to offer our sixth grade students the opportunity to demonstrate leadership, sacrificial service, and kindness to our kindergarten- sixth grade Imago Dei students. As a Noble Knight, the student’s main objective is to understand and uphold the following mission statement: “The Trinity Grammar School Noble Knights will work with Imago Dei students to be positive peer role models, demonstrate appropriate social and communication skills, and contribute positively to the student life and culture in and out of the classroom. Noble Knights will strive to model the qualities of character consistent with Trinity’s Mission Statement by acting with virtue, wisdom, purpose, and courage.”

Furthermore, the Noble Knights come into the Grammar School Imago Dei classroom twice a month to build relationships and to assist them with classroom activities. Social thinking is one of the main areas that we work on together. The Noble Knights come into our classroom to help model and mediate our students as we learn to “think with our eyes” or to “follow the group” plan. The Noble Knights are pulled aside prior to our meetings, in order to be given tools on how to partner with Imago Dei students. Together the Noble Knights and Imago Dei students have practiced anything from the rules of tag and soccer, to how to give a gift during Christmas times. It is truly a blast anytime we get together.

Overall the Noble Knights is a program designed to bless the Imago Dei students with a peer mentor (which is way more exciting and cool than a teacher) to help guide them through various social thinking goals, while building a great relationship. We all end up walking away from our times together feeling blessed and encouraged. The heart of the Noble Knights peer mentor program is to help the Imago Dei students to enjoy life and reach their potential.