Great Dei Games

*Great Dei Games 2021

Introducing the first annual Great Dei Games for the Imago Dei School at Trinity Classical Academy! Become a fan of the Imago Dei School and support scholarship opportunities for our one of a kind special education school! Then watch our students compete in their athletic events during a virtual watch party on April 23rd at 6:30pm.

*NOTE: The Great Dei Games have passed, but we appreciate every single gift that we're given and are thrilled to be able to offer scholarships to families so their child is able to attend Imago Dei School!


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What are the Great Dei Games?

All of our Imago Dei students have been working hard and practicing for their athletic events for weeks, training to compete in the games! Students will participate in an obstacle course, relay, hurdles, shot put, long jump and more! And you will get to see their competition during a virtual watch party on April 23rd at 6:30pm.

Are you going to be the biggest fan?

Support our Imago Dei scholarship fund by becoming a fan! A beautiful art installation will debut after Easter break, depicting our very own colosseum! Donate to the Imago Dei school and we will add a personalized pennant to the stadium to symbolize your cheering on of our athletes! You can personalize your pennants at check out, adding one for each of the IDS fans in your household. Your donation will be DOUBLED! An anonymous Trinity family foundation has pledged to double all donations up to $20,000! Help us get to our goal of $60,000 in scholarship for Imago Dei students!

Why give to the Imago Dei School?

Imago Dei is Latin for "Image of God"
IDS is a one of a kind, school within a school, at Trinity Classical Academy which serves students with learning and developmental disabilities and provides a supportive environment in which students can develop intellectual, academic, spiritual, social, emotional, and vocational skills. Your gift today goes directly towards scholarship opportunities for current and new students who would benefit from an Imago Dei education.


Thank you to our sponsors! A BIG shoutout to our fabulous sponsors for helping us to organize and bring to you the 2021 Great Dei Games: Sunpower by Green Convergence, Animal Medical Center of Valencia, and Greg Wolf Homes, Inc!