Athletics Integration

The Trinity Classical Academy Department of Athletics seeks to provide the type of atmosphere where students of all abilities are able to participate and grow in the area of athletics. In its greater context, we believe that a co-curricular activity such as sports provides the practical application of truths learned in the classroom. Values such as integrity and camaraderie are promoted as we realize that this type of atmosphere produces life-long lessons applicable to all students.

For the Imago Dei School, students are considered on an individual basis to see how they might be able to be a part of a team. For some, this might mean playing and competing and for others this might mean participating in a different capacity. As we still recognize the benefit that comes from an environment of being part of a team, every student is encouraged to participate at their own level.

For example, Beau Howell has been a part of both our Varsity Boys Basketball team as well as our Varsity Football team. While Beau’s ability to participate is limited, coaches and teams alike have found ways to still include, encourage and support Beau in his efforts. In 2014, Beau was even able to score the final shot of our first ever CIF-SS boys basketball championship! It was a true demonstration of sportsmanship by both schools involved.

Overall, we strive to embrace the beauty of ‘and’ versus solely living in the tyranny of ‘or.’ We realize that we can have championship caliber teams and promote sportsmanship through the inclusion of students in Trinity’s Imago Dei School.

The joy of participating alongside gen ed peers is one of the beautiful benefits of integration