Arts Integration

Fine Arts
Soli Deo Gloria

The motto of the Fine Arts Department at Trinity Classical Academy is Soli Deo Gloria, Glory to God Alone. We bring glory to God by being reflections of His love and creativity. We were all made in God’s image and are therefore the creation of a creative God.

The students of Imago Dei are integrated into all areas of the arts our school has to offer. Alongside their peer mentors, Imago Dei students play handbells in our Rhetoric handbell elective, act in our theater productions, sing with our choir, paint with our art class, and produce films in the film class.

In the Grammar school, Imago Dei students are an important part of their class’ musical and visual arts training, working side by side with their classmates.

At Trinity and at Imago Dei, we believe that the power of fine arts and specifically music are fundamental and God-created for each student’s development. 

IDS student performing Handbells

Beau Howell plays the Handbells alongside his peer mentor, Ryan Brooks

Theater Production Seussodyssey

Katy Tenessen with Taylor Oshiro and Ariana Pantaleo in the Spring Play SeussOdyssey