IEP Transition

one-on-one with teacher and student

When a student enrolls in Trinity with a current IEP we go through the process of transitioning that student’s IEP to a Private School Individual Services Plan. Because the parents have chosen to place their student in a private school, the school district is no longer obligated to offer direct services to the student. They will, however, offer consultation services to the student in the areas in which they qualify. Typically the consultation is offered for 15 minutes, six times per school year. This allows the family and Trinity to collaborate with service providers in our local school districts (Castaic Union School District for K-8th graders and William S. Hart District for 9-12th graders) if the need should arise. This is determined at the IEP Transition Meeting which is attended by parents, Imago Dei administration, and either the Castaic or Hart district representatives. Many parents choose to withdraw from the public school IEP altogether when they place their child at Trinity, with the understanding that they may seek needed services in the future if they ever move their child back to the public school. We work with each student on an individual basis to ensure the proper level of support is provided.