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  • Trinity Classical Academy
  • Classical Christian Education
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  • Libertas Preparatory School
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Grammar School

Grammar School classroom

The Imago Dei School curriculum is designed to meet the individualized learning and developmental needs of this unique group of students. Every effort is made to incorporate all that is foundational, beautiful and essential in order to educate our students well with the goal of liberating them to a life of independence and choices when they graduate.

Academics in the Classroom

The components of language arts and math are taught in small groups (2-3 students) where student are paired with peers of similar abilities. Students rotate through centers that are tailored to meet their individualized program.

  • Phonics and Spelling: Primary Phonics, Slingerland, Abeka
  • Reading: Touchphonics Readers, Handbook for Reading, Abeka
  • Grammar: Shurley Grammar and Shurley Grammar Jingles (CD)
  • Penmanship: Slingerland
  • Literature: Selected classics
  • Math: Math U See
  • Bible: God’s Little Explorers, Veritas Press Bible Cards
  • Social Thinking: The Incredible Flexible You, Model Me videos
  • Adaptive Skills: Life Skills Activities for Special Children, Model Me videos

Mainstream Academics

History and science are taught in the general education classroom where students receive instruction alongside their general education peers. Expectations and assessments are modified where appropriate.

  • History: Veritas Press History Cards, Veritas Press history Songs (CD)Story of the World by Wiseman
  • Science: Abeka Science, Abeka God’s World Science Reader, Christian Schools International

Auxiliary Subjects:

Physical Education, Art, and Music are taught with general education students.