Principal's Welcome

A Letter From the Principal of Special Education

Dear parents,

If you are reading this, I suspect that you are in the process of exploring educational options for your child, or a child that you love. Take comfort, for I too have walked in your shoes. It was not so long ago that our hearts longed for a more loving, challenging, Godly, enriching academic environment for our own son, Beau, who has autism.

In 2005, four of our children were attending Trinity Classical Academy where they thrived academically, athletically and socially. Our desire for Beau’s academic environment was no different than many parents who have children with special needs. Our wish was to find a school where he too could be academically challenged, able to take music, art and play sports, be integrated socially with care, and surpass the limited expectations of his current education. We hoped for a school that saw through his diagnosis, and into the heart of my child – a child who has the ability to learn, grow, and contribute to his academic environment.

Since Beau started Imago Dei in 2011, we have seen him thrive and accomplish academic goals that we had been told would be impossible. The integration of Imago Dei students into the Trinity student culture has afforded Beau relationships that will last the rest of his life, with both his mainstreamed peers, as well as his Imago Dei classmates. Beau has been welcome to participate in Trinity extra curricular activities and on competitive athletic teams. With his utmost care and safety considered by Trinity coaches, Beau has played for the Trinity Knights varsity football team, and the varsity basketball team where, in 2014, he shot the winning basket in the CIF Southern Division Championship!

Beau graduated from Trinity's Imago Dei School in 2017, attended the Transitional Program for two years, and is currently employed by Great Dei Coffee and Great Dei T-Shirts.

As you continue to prayerfully navigate through your educational options, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, or if you need additional information. We would be thrilled to give you a tour of the Trinity campus and the Imago Dei program ~ hopefully you will be able to meet Beau! I can be reached at or at Trinity (661) 296-2601.

Megan Howell
Principal of Special Education

Megan Howell

Megan Howell

Principal of Special Education, Director of Knights on Campus, Licensed Educational Therapist