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Kindergarteners Visit 156

Last week, both kindergarten classes visited Fire Station 156 as part of our unit on community leaders and the services they provide. As usual, our students from the Imago Dei School enjoyed visiting the station with their gen ed peers! The station serves as a home for the firemen, who generally work 24-hour shifts and sometimes for several days in a row.

The students toured the station, seeing their offices, the kitchen, the living room, the weight room, and the bedroom hallway where they live while they are on shift. The highlight of the field trip was seeing the fire trucks and learning about all of the equipment contained on the vehicles. The students were even able to sit in the fire truck’s passenger seat! They also were able to see the gear that firemen generally wear as they are protecting us. One student was also able to personally thank the firemen at station 156 for saving her home during the recent Tick fire. Students learned what to do in the event of an emergency and came to further appreciate all that these important community leaders do to serve our city!  

Kindergarteners pose with fireman in front of fire truck
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