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A Hoedown Celebration

While the Hoedown for Upper School had been postponed, the Imago Dei faculty team went forward with a smaller scale Hoedown just for their students before Thanksgiving break. Jessica Escorza said, "Our students have worked so hard since the start of the year, adjusting to new rules within our classroom, being flexible in certain activities that we can do given the time we are in, and that is why our team decided to hold our own Hoedown."

In preparation for the event, there was some community-based instruction. They brainstormed a grocery list and split the list up amongst them. They walked together to Smart N Final and shopped for the items on their respective lists.  They walked back to school with their supplies for the Hoedown.

Imago Dei Upper School parents decorated the inside of the tent with games, a photo booth, and a dessert table. Mr. Kister and Miss Escorza led line dances while Mr. Smith grilled hot dogs and served his famous chili and "Thanksgiving in a bowl" stuffing. The students ate some great food, laughed and danced until they could not dance anymore!

"I am so thankful that we did this event for them. We as teachers were reminded again that afternoon, in seeing their smiles, why we do what we do each day. It was truly the perfect way to go into Thanksgiving, spending a day with one another, being thankful for what the Lord has given us"
-Miss Escorza



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