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A Community of Hope

School is fundamentally a place to learn. But more than that, it is a culture and a community. The average American student goes to school for about six and a half hours a day for 180 days a year, or about 1,170 hours. Since our children spend so much of their life at school, it would make sense that school would be not only a place to learn, but a place that makes them feel safe and happy. It makes sense to have teachers who truly care about their learning and about who they are as people. 

The Imago Dei School is blessed to be such a place, and even more humbled to have such amazing people working toward those goals. Trinity's Head of School, Liz Caddow, said, "At Trinity, we are blessed to have a culture of learning and caring and loving God and others. One of the biggest blessings we've had since starting Trinity 19 years ago is the addition of the Imago Dei School. Having students with special needs on campus has changed our community. We've become more compassionate and understanding. We've become more considerate of how others learn and how socializing with peers is different for some people."

The mission of the Imago Dei School is to offer students with learning and developmental disabilities hope and a future in a Christ-centered, special education setting within the vibrant culture of Trinity Classical Academy to produce young men and women of virtue, courage and independence. 

Caddow also said, "We love having these students who learn differently and navigate social situations differently. We learn from them every day and we love being a part of their community and their journey of hope." This past weekend, hope showed up in action....literally. The action was the Hope and a Future Run. Hundreds of people of all ages showed up at West Creek Park for a 1K/5K/10K run/walk to benefit the Imago Dei School. It was a huge success in so many ways. We raised a lot of money for IDS, but perhaps the larger success is that of seeing our entire community love and support their peers from Imago Dei.

I was blessed beyond measure to witness our Trinity community, and many in our larger Santa Clarita community, run, walk, jog, stroll, and dog-walk the paseo path toward a Hope and a Future for more children in our community who have special needs and desire an education that supports them in their mission to become young men and women of virtue, courage and independence.

There are lots of wonderful photos HERE.

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