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Great Dei Coffee Re-Opens

The long-awaited reopening of Great Dei Coffee hit Trinity on Monday. Students, parents, faculty and staff lined up to get their fix of caffeine and/or sugar!

On its first day, the counter was manned by Imago Dei graduate Beau Howell, volunteer parent Shannon Hodek, Mrs. Megan Howell, Principal of the Imago Dei School, and Mrs. Howell's assistant, Ingrid Miller.

Mrs. Howell said the most popular items for faculty were our new organic Art of Tea teas that come in yummy flavors like Organic Green Pomegranate Green Tea, Organic Talas Masala Chai, and White Coconut Creme, as well as the new Torani syrups, with Lavender being the favored flavor! Favorites with the students were Cup Of Noodles, Pop-Tarts, and donuts, and a new crowd-pleaser: a variety of cold Arizona teas!

When asked what he learned today, Beau Howell said, “Today went great and I learned a lot. I learned how to use the cash register and how to greet customers with a smile. I also learned that I should probably wait to fill the hot water carafes until later because our tea water went a little cold."

Great Dei Coffee Shop is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:15-10:30 am. Gift cards are for sale at the Great Dei coffee counter, or HERE on the Trinity Store. Buy one for your 7th-12th grade student or their favorite teacher!

Great Dei Coffee exists to provide vocational training, internships and job opportunities. Your support of Great Dei businesses helps fuel a Hope and a Future for adults with disabilities!

More info on Imago Dei student businesses HERE

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