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A Hoedown Celebration

While the Hoedown for Upper School had been postponed, the Imago Dei faculty team went forward with a smaller scale Hoedown just for their students before Thanksgiving break. Jessica Escorza said, "Our students have worked so hard since the start of the year, adjusting to new rules within our classroom, being flexible in certain activities that we can do given the time we are in, and that is why our team decided to hold our own Hoedown."

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Remote Learning

As we enter into a period of remote learning at Trinity Classical Academy, it is worth emphasizing at the outset that our school and our community are not closed. Our campus may be, for the time being, but our mission to produce young men and women of virtue, courage and independence remains alive and vibrant throughout this temporary period.

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Hope and a Future runners

School is fundamentally a place to learn. But more than that, it is a culture and a community. The average American student goes to school for about six and a half hours a day for 180 days a year, or about 1,170 hours. Since our children spend so much of their life at school, it would make sense that school would be not only a place to learn, but a place that makes them feel safe and happy. It makes sense to have teachers who truly care about their learning and about who they are as people. 

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