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Trinity Classical Academy, Santa Clarita’s Classical, Christian, college preparatory academy, is proud to announce the addition of a brand new school under our banner –  The Imago Dei School at Trinity. Imago Dei is the Latin term for ‘Image of God”. This new school resides on our campus and employs a very specialized faculty and approach to educate students with developmental disabilities.

Since our founding in 2001, Trinity has been dedicated to providing all students with a challenging, high-quality education, but we have also been committed to teaching students with learning disabilities. By utilizing a range of cutting-edge programs, intense individualized therapy and mediate learning strategies from NILD (the National Institute for Learning Development), Trinity’s Supplemental Services faculty has been extremely successful at helping students with learning difficulties achieve, and in many cases well surpass, grade level proficiency. Rather than trying to compensate for a learning disability, where students work around their area of deficit, Trinity’s direct education intervention helps students strengthen their areas of deficit so they are no longer handicapped by them.
After experiencing so much success with Supplemental Services, we asked ourselves how God might use us to reach even more children who have even greater challenges with learning. The Imago Dei School at Trinity draws on all of Trinity’s administrative and educational expertise to provide a unique learning environment for students with diagnosed developmental disabilities. While initially accepting students in grades 5th thru 8th grades, The Imago Dei School grew in our second year to include an elementary school class and in 2013, began our first high school class. There are plans to add additional classes each year until we have a full K-12 school.   “I was thrilled to oversee the launch of the Imago Dei School at Trinity and to watch it grow,” says Megan Howell, the Director of the Imago Dei School at Trinity. “After seeing the Lord bless Trinity with such incredible growth and reaching so many struggling students through our educational therapy program, I feel that the Imago Dei School at Trinity is poised to become an incredible school for students with developmental disabilities.  For years, our valley has been longing for a school that will comprehensively address the individual needs of these students with special needs.”

Students have become an integral part of the loving, supportive Trinity family which includes over 500 students in K-12 and over 105 faculty and staff.

For more information on the Imago Dei School at Trinity, contact the Director of the Imago Dei School Megan Howell at or call Trinity Classical Academy at (661) 296-2601.

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