Supplemental Services

Services Available

Grades K-1 Early Intervention Early Intervention is a program designed to identify young children who may benefit from an individualized program to acquire the basic skills necessary for reading and academic success.  This program provides pre-reading and reading instruction that addresses perceptual weaknesses in visual and/or auditory processing, directionality or difficulty with gross and/or fine […]

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Programs Utilized

Supplemental Services (SS) at Trinity Classical Academy has been an integral part of our school culture from the beginning. Recognizing that the Lord creates each student uniquely with their own special gifts and talents, Trinity believes that a rigorous classical, Christian education should be available to all students. Each SS program has been prayerfully and […]

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Educational Therapy

Trinity’s program of individualized educational therapy exists to make a Christian college preparatory education possible for students with diagnosed learning disabilities. These students have average to superior intelligence but often struggle in the regular classroom setting because of one or more difficulties in perception, cognition, processing speed, working memory, fluency or academic skills. The goal […]

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Definition of a Learning Disability

Specific Learning Disability is a chronic condition of presumed neurological origin which selectively interferes with the development, integration, and/or demonstration of verbal and/or non-verbal activities. Specific Learning Disabilities exist as a distinct handicapping condition in the presence of average to superior intelligence, adequate sensory and motor systems, and adequate learning opportunities.  The condition varies in […]

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Testing Services

An educational battery of tests is commonly recommended when a student is having specific learning difficulties. A student’s cognitive ability, perceptual abilities and academic achievement are measured through the Supplemental Services Department using the following assessments along with informal evaluations. The Weschler Intelligence Scales for Children [(WISC) IV] is used to evaluate cognitive abilities and […]

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