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Subscribe to Trinity’s School Calendar so you never miss an event, are able to plan ahead, and see what’s happening in a quick touch of a button!  Let’s get started! There are several ways, so please choose which one works for you. Click on CALENDAR from the school’s homepage.   To add Trinity’s School Calendar to your calendar using an […]

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Daily Block Schedule – Upper School (A Day, B Day)

click “read more” to see the 2017-18 daily block schedule.

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Map – drop-off/pick-up

Click “read more” to see the 2017-18 map for drop-off and pick-up.

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Calendars – Grammar, Logic & Rhetoric

Click “read more” to see all 2018-19 calendars. You may download and print for your convenience.    

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Daily Schedule – Grammar School

click “read more” to see the 2017-18 daily schedule.

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