Classical Education

Reading in Upper School

By the time students are in Logic School, they are no longer learning to read, but are rather ‘reading to learn’. They are completing the 3rd stage of reading. You can refer to the first stages by checking out the post “Reading in Grammar School”. The 3rd to 5th stages of reading are as follows: […]

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Reading in Grammar School

As you might expect, there is a heavy emphasis on literacy at Trinity. We want students reading as soon as they can and this typically happens around November of the Kindergarten year. As soon as students are literate, they begin to dive into the richest literature appropriate for their particular age group. The 5 Stages […]

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Why Latin?

Latin instruction will be offered in the third through twelfth grade at Trinity Classical Academy. All students will take Latin every year in third through eighth grade. Two years of Latin in high school will be required for graduation. We believe there are at least five solid reasons for classical language study in our school. […]

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Classsical Myths

As thousands of parents adopt Classical, Christian education, many more are left with questions. Unfamiliarity with what the classical method is seems to have given rise to some common myths. While you may find some truth in each myth, we believe your concerns about classical education will begin to fade as your knowledge increases. In […]

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The Trivium

The goal of education in ancient and medieval times was to teach children how to think and learn for themselves. They were given the tools of learning and then taught how to apply those tools of learning to any subject they encountered. In contrast, modern education generally tends to teach “subjects” or “skills.” The Ancient […]

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