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Order uniforms, spirit wear, house shirts, house ties and team shirts here.
Fine Arts spirit wear and athletic wear specific to teams is available during select weeks and emails will go out inviting purchases

School Uniforms


house and team shirts

Shirts for Rhetoric School Houses and Logic School teams may be worn on all spirit days. Fleece may we worn as outerwear any day. (only available during a limited window at the beginning of the school year)

$25 t-shirts
$60 Fleece sweatshirts (men's and women's styles, Rhetoric School only)
$50 Fleece vests (Rhetoric School only)


house ties

Order bow ties or straight ties for all Rhetoric School houses:

$15 straight ties
$10 bow ties

Orders can be placed online and picked up at the front desk

spirit wear

Take a look at what’s selling right now at the kiosk - shirts, sweatshirts, hats, blankets and more.