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Passive Fundraising (no cost to you)

Passive Fundraising is an easy way for everyone in the Trinity community to contribute at no cost to you.

With a budget that is largely made up of ice cream and uniform sales, it is important for families (and their grandparents, friends, and neighbors) to enroll in Kroger's Community Contribution Program.


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When you shop at Ralphs or Food for Less, you can have a percentage of your purchases donated to the charity of your choice. Simply log in to your Ralphs account or Food 4 Less account and select Trinity Classical Academy. Then Kroger sends checks regularly to Trinity. It's that easy! 

Thank you for your support!
Click here for detailed instructions to register your club card.
(Ralphs/Food 4 Less requires participants/customers to re-enroll every year on or after September.)
Funds raised through Kroger benefit PTF at Trinity.