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Cultural Values

Why Culture?

Every great organization has to continually answer two basic questions. First, they must answer: “Why do we exist?” Essentially, what is our mission? What are we pursuing as an organization? Then, once the “why” question is answered they must subsequently ask: “How do we work together to accomplish that why?”

Organizational culture is just that: the “how.” As an organization, what are the beliefs, customs, and shared values we live out in relationship with one another to fulfill our mission on a daily basis? What are the expectations (maybe even unspoken at times) that we hold our employees to in how they accomplish everyday work? Culture goes beyond deadlines and policies but captures the essence or spirit by which we complete our work and fulfill our mission as well.

At Trinity, we have articulated the following cultural values to be key tenets for how we should work to accomplish our mission on a daily basis. These values should be intentionally put forth in each and every area of our organization as we continually remind ourselves what it looks like when we’re operating at our best.

Cultural Values