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One of the wonderful benefits of a TK-12 school is the variety of things that can be done across grades on one campus. At Trinity, we are thrilled to have Buddies, a mentor program that pairs grammar school students with upper school students.

They have fun together doing a variety of things from making crafts to playing varieties of Tag, Duck Duck Goose and other games and ice breakers.

House deans and house captains work together to plan, lead and organize the time for the Buddies. It is an opportunity for the upper school students to disciple younger students and the younger students look forward with great anticipation to their time with their big friends.

It’s exciting to see the children at recess or in the hallways when they see their older Buddies. Their eyes light up and they feel special because they’re friends with a junior high or high school student. Hugs and high-fives go a long way to cementing special friendships and they look forward to the next Buddies time.

For the big kids, it is a leadership opportunity, as they are aware that they are examples to their young counterparts. For the little kids, it’s a unique opportunity for most of them to hang out with much older students. Younger buddies can look forward to being older buddies themselves one day not so far away.

For more information on Buddies, view the Core Document used by our House leadership system when planning activities.