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Spiritual Life

At Trinity, we believe in educating the whole person. This type of education entails not just filling the mind, but the shaping of hearts and souls of students to love that which is good, true, and beautiful. And, all while recognizing that the best object of their love and affection is found in the person of Jesus Christ. In addition to this mindset already being a part of the everyday classroom and co-curricular experience, Trinity emphasizes the school’s Spiritual Life through the following avenues.

Enjoy a beautiful example of praise to our Lord in this brief video of our senior class. On their trip to Italy in 2019, they sang the doxology in the Pazzi cathedral. 

Pazzi chapel

Every Monday, the entire school gathers in the hallways to sing the doxology together so this is a familiar praise - but hearing it in a chapel in Italy is a whole new level of beautiful.

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