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Trinity U is opening up the riches of Christian, classical education to Trinity parents and the SCV community.

Trinity faculty share their finest talks and inspiration from their classes.

Spring 2018 topics included: Rhetoric & Persuasion, Science & Religion, Linguistics, and Progression of Decoding Skills.

Sessions are 60 minutes and include Q & A.

2018-19 Trinity U's

September 24th 7:00pm

Rhetoric-The Master of Argument: Jesus' Rhetoric

Jesus’ surprising methods of persuasion show not merely how to win friends and influence people, but rather, timeless truths about how to change minds and hearts. Come learn to argue like Jesus.
Mr. Shea Ramquist

October 29th 7:00pm

Logic - Philosophy and Problem Solving

Why should Christians with jobs that make real money care about philosophy? Join Trinity’s resident philosopher, Dr. Buhler, as he argues that philosophy represents some of the highest level problem-solving human beings can perform, induces wonder, and helps satisfy our longing for wisdom.
Dr. Keith Buhler

February 25th 7:00pm

How to Read the Greatest Book

What does Dracula have to do with Acts, or Shakespeare with Ephesians? Joins us to learn how reading great books will help you read the Greatest Book for all it’s worth.
Ms. Megan Wozniak

March 15th 7:00pm

Math and the Enchanted Universe

Math’s purpose runs deeper than getting the right SAT score or a STEM job. Studied classically, math reveals more than button mashing on a calculator: the harmony woven into the universe by God.
Mrs. Sarah Carty