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Uniform Policy

Uniforms are a positive discipline in the school. Trinity Classical Academy emphasizes the value of a disciplined learning environment. Just as dressing up, even wearing uniforms, is a part of the workday for parents, a school uniform is a signal to the child that it’s time for hard work and studious activity. Uniforms prevent problems associated with the subjective interpretation of a dress code policy. Uniforms eliminate any confusion about what is acceptable, modest and appropriate by Trinity Classical Academy’s standards. Uniforms tend to decrease the cost of student clothing. Our uniform vendors provide economical and durable items. Often parents need only purchase two or three sets of uniforms to last throughout the school year and often these same items can be handed down to other students.

Read the attached uniform policy to get details on shoes, socks, backpacks, outerwear, etc.

All uniforms can be ordered from Lands End, via the following links:
Grammar School
Logic School

Rhetoric School

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