Trinity seeks to develop young men and women who excel in all areas of life, including athletics.  Being an athlete does not simply mean wearing a uniform and attending practices and games.  Being a member of a team means committing yourself to a common goal.   It means giving 100% all the time.  Trinity’s athletes are a representative of their team, their school, and most importantly, of God.  Therefore, we believe athletics should encourage the positive attributes of sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, dependability, selflessness, loyalty, good work ethics and self-discipline.

Championship team

2021 Girls CIF-SS Div. 5AA champs AND State Champs, Div. 5A

Fall Sports

  • Football (Boys) Varsity
  • Volleyball (Girls) Varsity, JV
  • Cross Country (Boys & Girls) Varsity
  • Competition Cheer (Girls) Varsity
  • Basketball (Boys) JH
  • Baseball (Boys) JH
  • Softball (Girls) JH
  • Soccer (Boys) Elem
  • Basketball (Girls) Elem
  • Cheer (Girls) Clinic
  • Soccer (co-ed) Clinic

Winter Sports

  • Basketball (Boys) Varsity, JV
  • Basketball (Girls) Varsity, JV
  • Soccer (Boys) Varsity
  • Soccer (Girls) Varsity
  • Flag Football (Boys) JH
  • Volleyball (Girls) JH
  • Soccer (Boys) Elem
  • Basketball (Boys) Elem
  • Soccer (Girls) Elem
  • Baseball (Boys) Clinic
  • Softball (Girls) Clinic
  • Basketball (co-ed) Clinic

Spring Sports

  • Baseball (Boys) Varsity
  • Softball (Girls) Varsity
  • Volleyball (Boys) Varsity
  • Swim (Boys & Girls) Varsity
  • Soccer (Boys) JH
  • Soccer (Girls) JH
  • Basketball (Girls) JH
  • Flag Football (Boys) Elem
  • Volleyball (Girls) Elem
  • Volleyball (Girls) Clinic
  • Football (Boys) Clinic