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Department of Athletics Handbook

Table of Contents

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Student Participation in Athletics

The privilege of participating in after-school practice or competitive events is contingent upon meeting the following school requirements:

Student-athletes are required to be in good standing in accordance with league bylaws as well as school academic and behavioral standards.

Upper School students (7th-12th) may participate in Trinity athletics if they are in good academic standing by maintaining a 2.0 GPA (unweighted).  Additionally, Upper School students may not have any “D’s” or “F’s” at the end of the grading period in any particular class (see school calendar for specific end-of-quarter dates).

  • In the Upper School, grades will be checked at every quarter (4 times annually). Students that do not meet the required academic eligibility requirements at the end of a grading period will be put on Academic Probation. Students will remain athletically eligible during a probationary period.

  • Students who do not achieve educational progress in the grading period following Academic Probation will be placed on Academic Suspension and shall not be eligible to participate in any official athletic contests during the subsequent grading period (equivalent of one quarter).

    • Educational progress would, as listed above, be defined as bringing an overall GPA above a 2.0 (unweighted) as well as achieving a grade in a particular class (or classes) above a “D” as related to the initial Academic Probation. Should a student maintain a 2.0 GPA (unweighted) and receive a “D” or “F” in a different class at the subsequent grading period they would be put on Academic Probation for the following grading period as well.

Grammar School students (TK-6th) may participate in Trinity athletics if they are in good academic and behavioral standing as determined by the Grammar School Principal and the Director of Athletics. 

  • In the Grammar School, grades will be continually monitored by the Grammar School Principal and the Director of Athletics. In the event that a student should not meet the required academic eligibility requirements they will be put on Academic Probation and would not be eligible to participate in co-curricular activities until deemed appropriate by the Grammar School Principal and Director of Athletics.

Students in Trinity’s Imago Dei School are welcomed and encouraged to take part in co-curricular activities provided the Department of Athletics at all levels. Each student’s level of participation will be determined in conjunction with parents, the Imago Dei Principal, and the Director of Athletics as they seek to find ways that will be successful for both the student and the team as a whole. Those who are interested should contact the Director of Athletics to establish a meeting to determine participation.

Additionally, all students may be pulled from any and all co-curricular activities for behavioral and/or academic reasons at the discretion of Trinity administration at any time.

Student-athletes are required to be at (and on time for) all practices, meetings, and games.  They will comply with all standards and rules set forth by each coach in each sport.

  • If an athlete misses one practice (unexcused), then he/she may sit out at least part of the next contest at the discretion of the Head Coach.

  • Family holidays or special events must be approved one week in advance by the Department of Athletics. Absences for vacations are normally not excused. Communication between coaches and parents is essential to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts (see 14. Resolving Schedule Conflicts).

Student-athletes are required to complete all class work missed because of an athletic event in a timely manner as directed by the teacher. It is the student’s responsibility to get assignments from the teacher.

Student-athletes must attend at least 3 hours of academic instruction to be eligible for participation in any athletic event in a given day. This includes, but is not limited to, games, practices, workouts and team meetings. The only exception will be days where a team leaves earlier than allowing 3 full hours of instruction. In this case, the student must be present for all available time under 3 hours.

Exceptions and excused absences that allow the student to be able to participate in athletic activities may only be granted with written permission from the Principal or Director of Athletics.

Students are required to be picked-up from practice in a timely manner. Parents who are late to pick up their students from the communicated time from practice may be charged and/or limit their child’s game participation. Exception for extenuating circumstances must be approved by the Director of Athletics. 

Student-athletes who register and are a part of a particular sport as a player or manager may not quit that sport nor go out for another team until the season of the sport in which they are involved is over.  If an athlete does quit a sport no refund will be given and the student will be ineligible to participate in a sport the next season. Students or parents who desire to quit a team must contact the coach and the Director of Athletics in order to do so.

  • Acceptable reasons for quitting a team may include health-related issues, family emergencies, and academics, but a final decision will be made by the Director of Athletics.  If a student quits a team for any other reason, that student is ineligible to play a sport the next season (e.g., if you quit the football team - a fall sport - for an unacceptable reason, then you are not eligible to play a winter sport).  

When a student requests to quit a team, it must be done in writing.  Please consider the impact quitting a team has on the other members of that team before starting the process.

Updated August 2020