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Department of Athletics Handbook

Table of Contents

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As a parent of an athlete at Trinity Classical Academy, I will do my best to help fulfill the mission of Trinity Classical Academy and the Trinity Department of Athletics.  In addition to participating in opportunities with my child to develop poise, confidence, loyalty, and courage, I agree to the following principles and practices:

  1. I will read and strive to implement the principles laid forth in CJ Mahaney’s Don’t Waste Your Sports.

  2. I know that my child has agreed to be on time, be dressed, and ready to practice 5 minutes prior to the start time.

  3. I know that my child has agreed to have all of the proper and necessary equipment.

  4. I am willing to volunteer and help as I am able.

  5. I will not participate in negative speech about players, coaches or parents. I will direct my concerns with the individual with whom I have an issue.

  6. I will be respectful of others including coaches, officials, other athletes on our team, athletes on the opposing teams, parents, and fans.

  7. I am aware that consequences will be given for inappropriate behavior.  These consequences include, but are not limited to limitations on my participation in practices and games.

  8. I will conduct myself in a manner that reflects positively on our program and institution.

  9. I will make the coach aware of any issues at home that may affect my child’s eligibility and will work with the coach to address any issues.

  10. I have read and agree to the league requirements laid out by our league affiliates (written above in the Student Agreement section).

  11. I understand that in order to register and/or participate in Trinity Athletics, all tuition payments must be current.

  12. I understand that late fees may be charged for payments not received by the registration deadline for participation in Trinity Athletics.

  13. I understand that athletes being dismissed from a program for disciplinary reasons will NOT receive a refund. 

  14. I have read and agree to abide by all the policies and procedures laid forth by Trinity Classical Academy and the Department of Athletics.

  • Parental Agreement

Updated August 2020