Trinity Has a Home Gym

The Newhall Church of the Nazarene has graciously granted us exclusive use of their gym for our upcoming sports seasons. Our Trinity indoor athletes now have a wonderful facility to practice and play their games. Early in the process of securing the facility, the leadership at NewNaz expressed not only their desire for us to partner with them in the use of their beautiful gym but said, “Please make it your home.”

So we did! With the dedication of our Athletics department, Mr. Aguilar, Miss Pacini and Dr. Dixon, the NewNaz gym has been transformed into the Trinity “Fortress”, where we will play and defend our home with Integrity and Camaraderie and most certainly enjoy many Victories.

As you enter the “Fortress” you are greeted by a huge mural with some of the outstanding Trinity Knights from our past and present. The court area is adorned with our Trinity Knights banners and logos. Perhaps the best feature of the Fortress is our championship banners that grace the walls. Our 10-year athletics heritage is on full display with banners for our 2 CIF championships, 4 CIF runner-ups, and our 28 league championships. It’s truly inspiring to see our athletic accomplishments memorialized with these beautiful banners.

Check out pictures of the NEW GYM HERE.

There is a new scorer’s table, new padded chairs for players, and many other amenities for our athletes and families. The next phase of outfitting the Fortress will include the installation of bleachers, a state-of-the-art game video system that will record and broadcast games, and much more.

Many thanks to Pastor Bobbi McMasters, Greg Carver, Peggy Spencer, and all the wonderful leadership and staff at Newhall Church of the Nazarene for working so diligently to make this new home gym a reality for Trinity.

The Newhall Church of the Nazarene is located at 23857 The Old Road, Newhall.

Despite the challenges of this unusual season at Trinity, we continue to boldly move forward with our vision in faith, not fear. We continue to build and grow opportunities for our students and for our future.

The Trinity Knights are ready to play. Our athletic staff, our athletes, and our coaches are ready to get back to competing. Now with this outstanding facility, The Fortress, as our home court, the future of Trinity athletics is indeed brighter than ever.

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