Goals of the Athletic Program:

  1. To develop and maintain an environment that promotes Christ-like character, sportsmanship, compliance with governing bodies and athletic diversity in the sports programs offered.
  2. To provide student-athletes with high-quality athletic and social experiences.
  3. To achieve competitive success in every program.
  4. To enhance revenue streams and increase operating efficiencies as a co-curricular program of Trinity Classical Academy.
  5. To provide quality leadership and management.

Thank you to our sponsors:

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Philosophy of the Athletic Program:

The Trinity athletics program is guided by a commitment to excellence embodied in a set of Christ-like core values.  The Core Values are Integrity, Camaraderie, and Victory

It is the responsibility of the coaches to provide an atmosphere where these three core values can be put into practice.  These values must be evident in the manner in which games and practices are conducted, as well as emphasized by implementing them into team cheers before and after practices and games.