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The purpose of the Trinity Classical Academy Athletic Program is to enhance Trinity’s overall mission.

The Mission of Trinity Classical Academy is to offer a challenging education grounded in the Christian faith and the Classical tradition to produce young men and women of virtue, wisdom, purpose, and courage.

To do so, we seek to provide students with opportunities for interscholastic competition in a variety of sports. Trinity athletic teams participate in CIF and SCAIL events. Athletics includes team and individual sports for boys and girls in grades K-12. The Athletic Department believes students should be trained how to honor and glorify God in athletics and to challenge them to strive for excellence as they live purposefully and intelligently in the service of God and man. The cornerstone of the Athletic Program is team sports, built in a framework that acknowledges the primary importance of academics as well as the need for other co-curricular programs. Therefore, the merits of athletics lie in:

  1. Building Christ-like character and developing servant-leadership skills while cultivating the physical and mental development and discipline requisite in participating successfully in athletics.
  2. Preparing students for the opportunity to influence their peer, family and community relationships for Jesus Christ.
  3. Making a commitment to a team above one’s self and working together as part of a team with shared goals and objectives as a basis for developing lifetime skills.
  4. Understanding goal setting and the importance of a strong work ethic, learning skills and strategies, how to prepare and train for competition and how to compete in athletic contests.

Trinity seeks to develop young men and women who excel in all areas of life, including athletics. Being an athlete does not simply mean wearing a uniform and attending practices and games. Being a member of a team means committing yourself to a common goal. It means giving 100% all the time. Trinity’s athletes are a representative of their team, their school, and most importantly, of God. Therefore, we believe athletics should encourage the positive attributes of sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, dependability, selflessness, loyalty, good work ethics and self-discipline.

For more details about athletics, and to register to play, please visit

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Click graphic to watch the LIVE Varsity Athletic Awards Banquet on Friday, May 22nd at 6pm! See who is honored for each sport and who gets the top honors of Athlete of the Year and Scholar Athlete of the Year!

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