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Performing Arts

Grammar School (TK-6th grades)

At the grammar school level, students go to music class two days per week. The first half of the year's learning culminates in the Christmas Concert. The second half teaches movement, rhythm, reading music, and more. Students attend art class one day per week.

Additional fine arts opportunities are available as after-school co-curricular opportunities, which are optional.

More information on Grammar School classes is available on our Grammar School Academics page found here.

Logic School (7-8th grades)

Seventh and eighth graders spend one semester in theater and one semester in music as part of the "elective wheel" which also includes art and computers.  Orchestra and yearbook are additional electives, which are available by invitation/application.
Music - students learn about the beauty of music and discuss the thoughts and philosophies behind it. The class covers the development of music throughout all of the historical periods as well as how the arts relate to the cultures of the times and to each other. Students learn the basics of music theory, and great emphasis is given to music listening and appreciation. Not only is the study of music part of a well-rounded and classical education, but it is a gift of God that we get to enjoy even as we learn.
Theater - students participate in a semester of drama. The drama curriculum at Trinity focuses on the history and performance practices of the theatrical arts from Ancient Greece to modern day. Through this curriculum, students learn basic acting and staging techniques. In addition, students study classic works by playwrights such as William Shakespeare and present plays based on books by Christian authors such as C. S. Lewis. The culminating work of the drama curriculum is the presentation of a final theater performance, which allows students to make classical literature come to life on stage. It is a joy to see how students are able to give God glory through the study and performance of classical theater at Trinity.

Rhetoric School (9-12th grades)

Performing arts for the 9th-12th graders come in the form of electives. This is an excellent opportunity for students to pursue areas of interest and artistic endeavors where they can appreciate and create beauty.

The choices for Performing Arts electives are Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Choral Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, and Theater. Students receive their fine arts credit that is required for graduation.





Logic School performance of The Grinch 
Rhetoric School presents Oliver Twist
Jazz Ensemble
Vocal Ensemble
Guitar Ensemble