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Fine Arts

Trinity Classical Academy's Fine Arts department offers a range of courses that provide a solid technical and aesthetic foundation. Our courses aim to provide the necessary creative skills for students who plan to pursue careers in art or in any other field in which creative thinking is an asset. Students learn about our creative God through creating works of their own.

Fine Arts classes are taught at all levels during the school day and there are also after school Co-Curricular classes that are optional. For more details, see our Performing Arts page and our Visual Arts page.

Frequent exhibits and performances both on campus and in the larger community, showcase the creative work of our students.

Winners of the 2023 School Verse Art Contest

Art pieces were to be based on the 2022-23 school verse (Philippians 4:8) and the pillar, which is virtue.

Josselyn Miller

Artist statement:
It is a very honorable thing to desire virtue. That wanting is the first step of attaining it. The only way to true virtue is God. God would gladly stretch out His hand to help you become more virtuous in His name.

Stella Palmisano

Artist statement:
My great, great grandmother and her daughter, Pearl, lived through the holocaust. They were on a train to a gas chamber, when American soldiers hijacked the train and rescued them. However, my great, great grandmother quickly passed away due to dehydration and starvation. She had given Pearl her food and water, sacrificing herself for the sake of her daughter.

Hailey Bloomfield

Artist statement:
Life flourishes in purity. Things are PURELY where they are intended ot be when an ecosystem is functioning at its finest. God's creation is good and God's creation of an untouched ecosystem is pure. It is functioning as it was created to. Think about what is pure.

Josueh Hoyos

Artist statement:
The heavens in the painting hold the truth of God; the birds act as messengers of his truth, as did the dove in the midst of the great flood.

The luscious green trees and brush of the spring season represent honor, as green is the color of growth, which is honorable. For those who are willing to undergo the trials that come with the challenge of growth deserve honor.

The solid stones that are being showered upon represent that which is just. For justice is the rock of a society, just as Jesus is the rock of the world.

The clean water of the rushing waterfall is pureness itself, symbolizing the purity Jesus flows into our life, if we choose to accept him.

The colorful flowers surrounding purity are lovely and commendable. 

Likewise the creation of God is excellent and worthy of praise.

6th Grade Diorama Contest Winners 2023

Performing Arts

Tale of Two Cities
Tale of Two Cities
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Jazz Band

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