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Why Trinity?

Classical, Christian Education

The classical approach to education is a time-tested methodology. Approaching the grammar, logic and rhetoric of a variety subjects, at different developmental levels is the way our founding fathers were educated.

Trinity is developing a Christian worldview in over 560 students from Transitional Kindergarten to twelfth grade.

More details about Classical Education


The average SAT scores of our students are some of the highest in the country. Our graduation rate is 100% and 99% of our students have received academic merit scholarships and have attended four-year colleges.

Unlike many of our peer institutions with similar test scores, Trinity does not seek to be an exclusive college preparatory academy. As part of our Christian mission we feel it is our responsibility to offer an education that is inclusive to students at all socioeconomic levels and learning abilities.

There are 32 college credit courses offered for dual credit. Students earn an average of 30 college credits, while some graduate Trinity with 40 or more. In 2020, we began with five students earning their AA degree while at Trinity, and the number of students is growing each year! This amounts to big savings when paying for college, as opportunities abound, allowing students to finish college in two-three years, or to double-major, or to play sports and take a lighter load during their season.

Many students have received scholarships for college. Our 300 graduates have been collectively awarded over 60 million in academic merit award, as well as scholarships for music/fine arts and athletics.

Expert Faculty

Our outstanding, dedicated faculty is comprised of passionate, devoted, Christian teachers who truly love teaching and who understand the goals of classical, Christian education. They come to us with numerous advanced degrees, a wealth of experience and are some of the most accomplished academics in Santa Clarita education. In addition to our core subjects, we have dedicated faculty who teach art, music, physical education and Latin as well as teachers for drama, yearbook, computer programming, student leadership and more. Many have advanced degrees, including five with PhDs.

Vibrant Community

The Trinity community is as broad as is the body of Christ. We are supported by wonderful administrators and knowledgeable and loving faculty. We are supported by volunteer parents in the Parent Teacher Fellowship group.

Our learning community includes those who are benefitting from Supplemental Services, which is a program that provides early education intervention and supports students with learning disabilities.

Imago Dei School: Our school within a school that has changed the entire culture at Trinity, integrated students with developmental disabilities into our daily activities.

Libertas Preparatory School: An independent study program that services homeschool students and allows them to participate in our vibrant community.

Award-Winning Fine Arts

Trinity's Fine Arts program includes a variety of instrumental and vocal music classes, drama, film and visual arts. There is a rich offering of after school enrichment opportunities which include the fine arts as well, in addition to Chess and Coding.


Our athletics program includes 51 teams in 11 sports, 2 CIF titles and 3 league titles. Students have been awarded athletic scholarships at various levels. All of this has occurred despite the fact that Trinity has only had a high school (and high school sports) for about a decade.

Spiritual Life

See more about the Spiritual Life on campus HERE







"Trinity = The Future. A better future for every young life that walks through the doors plus a much more enriched daily academic experience than any available alternative. Trinity is building further upon the foundation we have laid, and continue to fortify, for our child at home. While it has come as a big sacrifice to our family, it is the #1 reason we have stayed in the state of California. Trinity, in many ways, is an extension of our family now, and for that we are truly grateful." - Trinity parent