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Student Records / Transcripts

If you are a graduate or a former student, you can request your transcript using the form below.

If you are a Registrar from another school requesting school records for a student, please use the form below or email your Notification of Records Request form to

Transcript Request


If you did not graduate from Trinity​

How would you like to receive transcripts?required

Address for Transcript Delivery:

Note: If you request a transcript to be sent to your home address and it is opened, it will be “unofficial".

Your transcript will only reflect those grades and credits that you received from Trinity Classical Academy, if you received credits from a previous school, you will have to contact that school for your transcript.

For questions please email or call:

Lily Pfeiffer, Director of College Advisement
Phone: 661-296-2601

Student Records Request


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If you have additional students to request records for, please enter their info below.