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Amazing Results

Attending Trinity Classical Academy is a life-changing experience.
class of 2017

Our students attend top universities and liberal arts colleges, military academies, fine arts schools, engineering schools, culinary schools, fashion design schools, technical colleges, and an array of other 2- and 4-year institutions. They also enter apprenticeship programs in the trades, serve in the military, become entrepreneurs, and enter the workforce as assets to their companies and communities.

Take a moment to review the impressive results of an Trinity education. Then when you are ready, we invite you to take the next step in your journey toward a remarkable educational experience by contacting us, attending an Discover Trinity Event, or applying online.

Trinity Classical Academy has a 100% college acceptance rate. Graduates attend a wide range of colleges and universities each year. This is a representative list of schools Trinity graduates have been accepted to over the past ten years.

AP Classes

Our Advanced Placement program allows college-bound students to stand out from their peers in college admissions, earn college credit, skip introductory programs, and develop college-level skills. The results of the many exams administered each year are truly impressive. Over the years, we have had many AP Scholars recognized for their high scores.

Dual Credit Program

Trinity offers 32 classes for which our upperclassmen can receive college credit, allowing them to graduate with an average of over 50 units towards their college education. This opens up opportunities for students to double major, for athletes to take fewer classes during their athletic season, or to graduate in only three years, thereby saving a year of tuition, books, and room and board.

AA Program

Trinity offers a pathway to an AA degree while in high school! Partnering with Colorado Christian University, Trinity has developed an Associates of Arts pathway in Liberal Arts. Each year, more graduates are taking advantage of the opportunity. The AA track is an optional track available to students interested in earning their AA degrees. 

Senior Thesis

The senior thesis is the culminating work of Trinity’s Humanities program. It is a summative and integrative project that requires students to use the rhetorical skills developed at all phases of their learning at Trinity to develop a thoughtful and persuasive argument on a chosen topic. Their thesis and topic must be things of depth and significance about which Christians can reasonably disagree.

SAT scores

TCA students score very well on standardized tests. The PSAT is given to all high school students as a benchmark for us and an opportunity for them to practice and to earn  consideration toward National Merit Scholarships and awards.

Our SAT scores are some of the highest in the country. We score at the top of Santa Clarita schools, both public and private, and compete very well with Southern California private schools, even those whose tuition is several times what the investment is at Trinity.