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  • Imago Dei School
  • Special Education
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  • Libertas Preparatory School
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Accepted Students

Congratulations and welcome to the Trinity family! Once you have been offered acceptance, please use the list below to ensure that you are ready for the first day of school.

  • Enroll - The Admissions office will send you an email with a link to complete the enrollment process. This will include the Enrollment & Annual Tuition Agreement and information on the Non-refundable Tuition Deposit.
  • Health Documents - You are required to submit a copy of your student(s) birth certificate or passport and their current immunization record prior to their first day of school. For students entering 1st grade, submit a copy of their current physical. Please submit to our school nurse or email to once you have been accepted.
  • Uniforms - Order your student(s) uniforms from Land's End and/or contact the Resale Uniform Coordinators to purchase used uniforms
  • New family liaison - Every new family will be assigned a New Family Liaison to offer support as you transition into the school culture and community. If you have not been contacted, please email our New Family Liaison Coordinator at

If you have been accepted before the start of the school year, the following items apply:

  • Summer Materials - If your student(s) have been accepted to 3rd-11th grade, you will be notified to pick up Summer Study Materials in the month of June. These materials will include information on Writing & Latin camps for our new 4th-11th graders. Writing & Latin camps are scheduled 4 days in the month of August prior to the start of school.
  • First Week of School Events - There are three events that require your and/or your student(s) attendance prior to the first day of school: Book/Schedule Pick up (7th-12th grade), Meet Your Teacher (TK-12th grade), Orientation/Dedication Night (at least one parent from every family).

Contact the Admissions Office if you have any questions. 661-296-2601.