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2019 Senior Thesis Presentations

The Senior Thesis is the culminating work of Trinity’s Humanities program. It is a summative and integrative project that requires students to use the rhetorical skills developed at all phases of their learning at Trinity to develop a thoughtful and persuasive argument on a chosen topic. Their arguments and topics must be things of depth and significance about which Christians can reasonably disagree.

Monday, 4/29,  7-9 PM

Amber Bond: “How to Save a Life: Why Parents’ Religious Belief Should be Overruled in Life Saving Treatment for the Children”
Emma Leathers: “Our Convenience at the Cost of Their Innocence: How Economic Globalization Caused Sex Trafficking”
Drew Pfeiffer: "Stemming the Tide of Embryo Destruction: A Case for Justice in Regenerative Medicine”
Judah Palmisano: “‘10,000 Reasons’ Why Contemporary Worship is Bad for the Church”
Rachel Rackerby: “Ice Ice Baby: Why the Church Should Support In Vitro Fertilization”
Ayden McMath: “Keep The Conversation Going: Why Censorship is Not the Answer to Hate Speech”
Michael Boulos: “Sin Causes Depression”
Jacob Estanol: “Alexa Listens to All My Problems: Why Artificial Intelligence Assistants Harms Us”
Noah Mestas: “Segregated Sunday: Racial Reconciliation Within the Church”

Tuesday, 4/30, 12:20 - 2:00 PM

Olivia Chebul: “A Budding Concept: Why Christians Should Support the Use of Medical Marijuana for Pain Relief”
Clohe Velasco: “‘You’re Not My Dad’: How Government Benefits Have Replaced the Father Figure.”
Max Mitchell: “Choosing or Chosen For? The Christian Argument for Free Will”
Rae-Anne Ferraz: “Splitting the Gender Difference: In Favor of Reassignment Surgery for Intersex Patients”
Phineas Yi: “Minorities vs. Asians: The Truth about Affirmative Action”
Hannah Caddow: “Empty Cradle, Empty Future: The Underpopulation Crisis and a Christian’s Responsibility”
Elly Froemming: “That’s All, Folks? A Call to Change the Absence and Misrepresentation of Mental Illness in Children’s Entertainment”
Chloe Cast: “Out of Touch, Out of Mind: Thoughts on Tactile Transmission of Knowledge”

Tuesday, 4/30, 7-9 PM

Nolan Kulp: “A Mark of Pride or Something To Hide? Homosexuality and the Case For True Christian Identity”
Andrew Dever: “Why Protect Poor Professor Performance?: Tenure Must Be Eliminated in Higher Education”
Mary MacAdam: “Are Catholics Brothers, Liars, or Heretics? Why Protestants Need to Accept Catholics in the Universal Church”
Nathan Han: “The Gender Wage Gap Myth: Why the Gender Wage Gap is Not Due to Male Privilege”
Ellie Howell: “Short-Term Pain, Long-Term Gain: The Case for Controlled Spanking as a Primary Form of Discipline”
Spenser Rapier: “The British are Coming! An Analysis of Winston Churchill’s Flaws in Foreign Policy During WWII”
Carson Campuzano: “Ignore the Johnson Amendment: Why America Needs Politics from the Pulpit”
Monet LaFrance: “Bob’s Not Dead: Why We Should Generally Believe in Near-Death Experiences”
Tristen Rodriguez: “Films of Proselytization: The Enigma of Evangelism in Cinema”

Thursday, 5/2, 10:00 - 11:40 AM

Yeonjoo Cho: “Your Mother's Maiden Name: The Unbiblical Convention of the Western Hemisphere”
Ben Wexler: “Providing Aid, Creating Poverty: The Problem of Foreign Aid”
Elizabeth Craw: “Wait to Date: The Pitfalls of Dating in High School”
Sam Griesi: “Get Your Head Out of the Game: Why Parents Should Prohibit Children from Playing Violent Video Games”
Luke Potter: “From Sesame Street to Wall Street: When Money Becomes the End to Education”
Lauren Chase: “Overpopulation Cannot Be Solved with Baby Steps”
Ayla Mouchawar: “What’s Yours Is Mine: An Understanding of Cultural Appropriation”
Sam Lee: “The Great Commission or the Great Politician?: The Case Against Christian Involvement in Politics”

Thursday, 5/2, 7-9 PM

Keili Butler: “A Loving International Option: The Church's Divine Calling to Fund International Adoption”;  
Heidi Schafer: “High School or High Score? Why High School Sports Endanger True Education”
Sam Alfsen: “Jurassic Times, Jurassic Measures: Our Biblical Duty To Resurrect Extinct Species"
Chet Chen: “What Is Money Worth? A Theological Evaluation of Wealth Creation”
Gretell Castro: “Swipe Right to Say ‘I Do’: Against Online Dating as a Marriage Matchmaker”
Mackenzie Betteridge: “You Give Drugs a Bad Name: Why Direct-to-Consumer Advertisements for Antidepressants Should Be Banned”
Shane Lintereur: “A Billion Little Churches: Why Christians Should Have Larger Families”
Zack Totten: “Red, WHITE, and Blue: Seeking True Racial Equality in America”