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Senior Thesis Oration Schedule 2023

Monday, 4/24, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

John Rocco Izzo: “Stop and Frisk or a Community at Risk: The Case for our Police and Communities to Adopt Broken Window Theory Policing”
Anderson Howell:  “Love the Addict as Yourself: How Treatment Could Save the Failed War on Drugs”
Tyler Yu: “Death of One, Death of Another, Death of Two, Death of Another: The Moral Permissibility of Abortion in Cases of Pregnancy Threatening the Life of the Mother”
Jack Spector: “Don’t Trust the Monopoly Man: An Argument to Strengthen Antitrust Laws"
Helen Atena Serrano: “Only Healthy if You’re Wealthy: Why Unregulated Sale of Pharmaceuticals is Unconstitutional”
Samuel Robertson: “Boring Ourselves to Life: How America’s Entertainment-Saturated Culture Attacks Christian Values”
Tanner Moore: “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Conspiracy: America's Unique Susceptibility to Conspiracy Theories”
Sarah Fudge: “Can’t Spell Church Without “U”: The Argument for Weekly Church Attendance “

Tuesday, 4/25, 12:20 - 2:00 PM

Gianna Granger: “Unholy Alliance: How Christian Nationalism Is Poisoning the Church”Sabrina Slay: “Healing the Unseen: Psychology Aligns with Christian Values”
David Lim: “God’s Already Saved the Date: A Defense for the Doctrine of Predestination”
Noah Estanol: “Civil Rights or Civil Fights?: Correcting the Civil Rights Movements of Today”
Stella Palmisano: “You’re on Your Own, Kid: Why Youth Groups Are Failing Our Children” 
Hugh Smith: “Why America Should Support Nuclear Reactors”

Tuesday, 4/25, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Rylee Hillemann: “Can Adoption be Straightforward? How Heterosexual Married Couples are the Only Fit Parents for Adopting Children"
Daisy Sachoff: “Battle of the Sexes? Why Paul’s Command for a Wife’s Submission is Honorable”
Kendall Lescher: “Ain’t No Party Like the Grand Old Party: Why Christians Need to Register Republican”
Bram Yoo: “Corporate Gain, Ethical Pain: The Corporate Duty to Prioritize People over Profits”
Anna Leathers: “Like a Good Neighbor, Churches Should Care: Why the Church Must Fight for Social Justice”
Olivia Leathers: “Prepping for the End: Why Premillennialism Is the Best Theology About the End Times”
Karis Richardson: "Why Christians Should Curse in Church: A Case for the Imprecatory Psalms"
Viviana Haro: “My 0-pound Life: A Defense for Persons as Nothing but the Soul”

Wednesday, 4/26, 12:20 - 2:00 PM

Kelsey Haag: “Don’t Be Heartless: The Christian Duty to be Organ Donors” 
Dominic Smith: “One Home Fits All: Why Orphans Need Christian Homes”
Brandon Chase: “Un-lectrify: Why Banning Gas Cars is a Wrong Turn”
Megan Perry: “Save Some Room For The Holy Spirit: Why The Church and State Should Stay Separate"
Bradley Serumal: “Needless Needles: Why Vaccine Mandates are Unethical”
Qiuyang Ze: “We All Need Due Process”  
Gabriel Chavez: “It’s Clear Cut – Don’t Clear Cut Trees: Why Mass Harvesting of Trees is Immoral and Avoidable”

Thursday, 4/27, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Grace Miller: “Where Do Babies Come From? The Argument Against In Vitro Fertilization”
Fenella Warren-Wailes: “A Helping Hand: Why Assisted Death is Ethical for Christians”
Leah Chang: “Compliments Can Kill: The Relationship Between Benevolent Stereotyping and Hate Crime”
Cai Margrave: “Antidepressants or Anti-Depression: Why Antidepressants Should Not Be the First Treatment for Adolescent Depression”
Luke Sachs: “Just Keep Swimming: Why Christians are Called to Conserve, Even When it May Be to our Detriment”
Nick Parrinello: “The Conscription Prescription: The Case That Mandatory Military Service Will Benefit the Nation”
Lily Caddow: “To Beautify or Blemish the World: Why Christian Artists Need to be Making Beautiful Art”
Aiden Leigh: “It’s Not Us vs Them: The Biblical Way to Interact with People of Same-Sex Attraction”