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Classical Christian Education for TK-12th grades

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Senior Thesis Oration Schedule 2021

All sessions will be held in the Trinity Courtyard to allow for a full audience, following all current mitigation protocols.

Monday, 4/26, 6:30 - 8:00 PM*

Maxton Gould: “The Name of the Game is Shame: How Public Shaming on Social Media Can Regulate the Corrupt Elite”
Rowan Comstock: “Defending God's Creation in More Ways Than One”
Will Yumbar: “All Hail the Queen: Why All Christians Should Honor Mary"
Kailee Velasco: “God’s Family Matters Too”
Luke Pfeiffer: “Knocking on Heaven’s Door: An Argument Against the Damnation of Euthanasia Patients”

Tuesday, 4/27, 12:30 - 2:00 PM*

Elianne Wang: “How Great Thou Art, or How Great We Are? The Dangers of Promoting Self-Esteem In the Church”
Jack Anderson: “Taboo Textbooks in the Trivium: Support for Comprehensive Sexual Education in Classical Christian Schools”
Quentin Thompson: “Racial Ruin: The Reality of Regressing Race Relations”
Ricky Galan: “The Secret Souls of Pets: The Argument For Animal Sentience and Souls”
Megan Mosser: “A Childhood Lost: Why Homework Harms More Than it Helps”
Ella Gonzales: “The Pill that Kills”

Tuesday, 4/27, 6:30 - 8:00 PM

Sophia DeWier: “Death's Sting Shouldn’t Come from a Needle: Why the Death Penalty is Anti-Christian”
Kate Stimson: “Bethany or WI-38: The Case Against Embryonic Stem Cell Vaccines and Research”
Edgar Romero-Trujillo: “Jail for Betrayal”
Katie Heitmann: “Beauty Shouldn’t Hurt”
Jonathan LaFrance: “Failures of the Fourth Wave: Why Americans Should Not Support Modern Feminism”
Arianna Laolagi: “Practicing What We Preach: The Christian Argument for Church Participation in Social Justice Protests”

Wednesday, 4/28, 12:30 - 2:00 PM*

Jessica Ryan: “‘Let The Little Children Come To Me: A Defense Of Infant Baptism”
Scott Black: “Mother Nature Knows Best: Accepting Scientific Observations for an Old Earth Creationist View”
Alivia Morrison: “A Body That Good Should Come With A Warning Label: Why Photo Alteration In Advertising Should Be Regulated”
Tim Owens: “When Money Replaces Mommy: How Modern Day Monopolies Are Hurting American Families”
Liam Hambel: “Will the Circle be Unbroken? The Cycle of Sin in Solitary Confinement”
Shane Sypher: “Stone or Rubble?: Destroying Confederate Monuments Defaces the Past”

Thursday, 4/29, 6:30 - 8:00 PM*

Chapman Wolf: “Stairway to Heaven or Highway to Hell?: Why Progressive Christianity in The Seeker-Sensitive Church Leads To a False Faith”
Chase Critser: “Run Together, Fail Alone: The Benefits of Denominations”
Eli Miller: “A Destiny Made Manifest: The Injustice of the Mexican American War”
Jose Haro: "Uncle Sam Need Not Apply: Employment Anti-Discrimination Laws of 1964 Civil Rights Act Must Be Rescinded”
Riley Spector: “Sin or Sickness?: Why Suicide Is Not a Sin”
Reagan Fernandez: “Monsters University: Why Attending a Secular University is a Scary Mistake"
Michaela Lanni: “Can I Take Communion?" "I Don't Know, CAN You?" A Theological Argument for Traditional Communion”

* the order of students in this session has yet to be finalized.