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College Credit

Trinity students can earn college credit for 25 courses at Trinity through our partnerships with Colorado Christian University and The Masters University. Taking college credit courses at Trinity and AP courses allow for some flexibility in college. Beginning college with 30-40 units or more can allow a student-athlete to take fewer units during their athletic season, or for a student to double-major and still get out in four years, or for some students to graduate college in only 3 years.

Dual credit courses must be approved by the institution offering the credit and it's a rigorous process that requires the course be demonstrated to be a college-level course taught by a highly qualified instructor. Curriculum, sample coursework and instructor's qualifications are submitted and approved. Trinity doesn't change anything about the course. The student takes the course, pays the fee to the college, and gets credit on their high school transcript as well as a college transcript with units credited.

For a fee of $200-$300 per course, students can register through Colorado Christian University or The Master's University for courses that would typically cost $1800 or more at competitive colleges. These credits are accepted by over 650 colleges and universities nationwide.

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Dual Credit Courses 2019-20

Pre-Calculus (Honors)
Statistics (Honors)
Math Theory
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Latin
Spanish III
Intro to Greek
Senior Thesis/Rhetoric II (Honors)-Semester 1
Senior Thesis/Rhetoric II (Honors)-Semester 2
AP Language and Composition
AP Literature and Composition
British Literature (Honors)- Semester 1
British Literature (Honors)- Semester 2
Anatomy & Physiology I/Lab (Honors) - Semester 1
Anatomy/Physiology II/Lab (Honors) -Semester 2
AP Environmental Science
AP Biology
U.S. History (Honors)- Semester 1
U.S. History (Honors) - Semester 2
Honors Medieval History
Government (Honors)
Apologetics (Honors)
Western Political Philosophy (Honors)