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Grammar School Curriculum

Grammar: The fundamental rules and core knowledge of each subject.


At Trinity, we are convinced that the study of the Bible is the cornerstone of education. By the time a student reaches the end of their 6th grade year, they will have studied through the entire Bible. Students will learn the Biblical patterns of redemption and salvation while they are encouraged to come to the Father, through the Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and to grow in their knowledge and love for Him.


Grammar School courses ensure that the students have a thorough mastery of core mathematical functions and tables. A conceptual as well as practical understanding of mathematics is emphasized through the frequent use of word problems. From kindergarten through sixth grade, God’s unchanging character is illustrated through the timeless, logical mathematical systems He has given to us through His gift of reason.


History courses in the Grammar School inform the students’ understanding of history and geography by gradually deepening their level of exposure and research as the students mature from kindergarten through elementary school. Courses are designed to make history and geography come alive for the students through the use of various forms of information and research such as biographies, artwork and illustrations, field trips, guest speakers, music, food, architecture, etc.


In the Grammar School, phonics is the key tool in teaching students to read. Students are encouraged to read phonetically at the very beginning of their education in the kindergarten classroom. Students are next introduced to high quality children’s literature through our Literature program beginning in first grade. The students’ reading abilities are carefully monitored to ensure a reasonable level of proficiency, adequate comprehension, and fluency in oral and silent reading. By sixth grade students are successfully reading advanced literary works like The Hobbit, The Hiding Place and A Christmas Carol.


The Grammar School Latin curriculum begins in third grade and instructs students in the fundamental vocabulary and grammar of Latin to better their understanding of language per se, the history and writings of Western Civilization, and the Romance languages. The courses reinforce the students’ understanding of the reasons for, and the use of, the parts of speech being taught in our traditional English grammar class work (e.g. plurals, nouns, verbs, prepositions, direct objects, tenses, etc). The study of Latin inherently cultivates strong learning skills and logical thinking skills.


In the Grammar School students are equipped with the skills necessary for good writing, including spelling, grammar, style, clarity, proofreading, vivid imagery, etc. The courses put a major emphasis on good writing by requiring the students to write often and correctly across all subject areas. Students are encouraged to engage in clear, focused writing and are introduced to many styles of writing utilizing the Bible as well as other classics.


Grammar School students are introduced to famous artists and how their artistic contributions helped shape the world of art as we encounter it today. Students discover that the Creator made all of us to in turn produce and create beautiful works of art ourselves. Students will be challenged to draw observationally, identify and draw the contour line of objects, recreate value and tones in their artwork, and gain an understanding of an artist’s process. Most art assignments correlate with the artist and/or art style discussed in class.


Activities in general music classes include a variety of the following: singing (a cappella and with high quality recordings), responding to classical music through creative movement, developing listening, attention, and self-regulation skills, learning to feel both triple and duple meter through dances, developing the ability to play in an ensemble (vocal and simple instruments) and follow a director, working with rhythmic and tonal patterns as the foundation of reading and writing music, and becoming familiar with the musical traditions of other Western cultures.

Physical Education

Grammar School Physical Education focuses on fundamental loco-motor and manipulative skills through exercise, games and activities. In cooperation with families, we encourage students to knowledgeably establish and maintain good health and nutritional habits. Moreover students are encouraged to enhance Biblical patterns of behavior through activities requiring cooperation, teamwork, and general good sportsmanship.