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Summer Reading Program (Grammar School)

Happy Summer to everyone! Students entering first through sixth grades are invited to participate in our voluntary summer reading program.

Please choose books from the “Suggested Reading” section which are organized by grade level.  Please do not read books in the section marked “core books” for the grade your child will be entering.  We would prefer that these are read with their class during the school year to avoid prior knowledge about the books.

Please print out the Summer Reading Log(s) for you to keep your records. These are turned in when school resumes in August and students will be recognized at our first Corporate Time. It is your decision whether students read from the grade level they completed, are entering into or a combination of both.  Entering sixth grade required reading of Prince Caspian does not count for this program.

To be recognized students must fulfill the following requirements:

Students entering first – third grades read a total of 12 hours (720 minutes)
Students entering fourth – sixth grades read a total of 15 hours (900 minutes)

Please email if you have questions.