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Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Explanation of Structure

Trinity begins with foundational beliefs that God has created and ordered an integrated world where knowledge is unified and human beings are holistically comprised of body and soul, mind, and spirit. We also believe that the highest end of education is “to glorify God and enjoy Him forever,” through the development of all of our faculties, a pursuit of knowledge, and the cultivation of virtuous character. Since our goal is to teach the whole person, any attempt to divide up the process by which we get there will appear somewhat artificial. However, such division will also help us to understand the educational process. With this in mind, we have created two categories: one part dealing with the heart (character) and the other with the mind (intellect). We have drawn upon the classical philosophy of education to choose and organize our categories. 

Goals for Student Character Formation

Goals for Student Intellectual Formation

Trinity desires that its students will possess knowledge of Christian theology as well as the history of Western culture and thought. We seek the integration of faith and reason such that our students will understand the cultural situation in which they currently live and will be able to impact it for the Lord Jesus Christ, as reflected in the Knowledge category below. We further desire that our students will possess the skills necessary to acquire such knowledge and to become life- long learners, as reflected in the Skills category below.