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Imago Dei Crest
  • Imago Dei School
  • Special Education
Libertas Crest
  • Libertas Preparatory School
  • Independent Study

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Adult Education

Trinity U is opening up the riches of Christian, classical education to Trinity parents and the SCV community.

Trinity faculty share their finest talks and inspiration from their classes.

2018-19 topics included: Rhetoric & Persuasion, Science & Religion, Linguistics, and Progression of Decoding Skills.

2019-20 topics are below.

Sessions are 60 minutes and include Q & A.

2020-21 Trinity U's

"What's Love got to do with it? Defining classical, Christian education"

What Happened after the Civil War?

"Movies, Rembrandt and the World: What Does it Mean 'To See'?"

2019-20 Trinity U's

The Two Most Important Scientific Discoveries

Aristotle's Ethos: How to Win Conversatons


Parents - would you like to be able to help your children with their Latin homework, but find that it's like Greek to you?

Mr. Richardson (Grammar School Principal) has the answers. He will be helping parents to learn some basics of Latin on Monday mornings at 8:15am.

Join him and some other parents and learn the classical language of Latin!