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Senior Thesis

The senior thesis is the culminating work of Trinity’s Humanities program. It is a summative and integrative project that requires students to use the rhetorical skills developed at all phases of their learning at Trinity to develop a thoughtful and persuasive argument on a chosen topic. Their thesis and topic must be things of depth and significance about which Christians can reasonably disagree.

The thesis is not meant to be, primarily, a research paper. It is an argument which will, as a matter of course, rely on good research to make its argument thoroughly and comprehensively. However, unlike a thesis at the collegiate or graduate level, it is not intended to demonstrate specific knowledge of a field in which the student has particular expertise or training. Rather, it is intended to demonstrate the students’ rhetorical skills that have been trained throughout their Trinity career, and the ability to use the ideas and arguments discussed and evaluated throughout their studies.

What these young men and women produce is impressive to say the least. It is college level work and they prove every year that they are more than prepared to enter even the most academically challenging of college environments.

The Thesis Process

2023 Thesis Award Winner

Viviana Haro

"My 0-Pound Life: A Defense for Persons as Nothing but the Soul"

2022 Thesis Award Winner

Lexi McWilliams

"The Biblical Duty to Prevent Climate Change"

2020 Thesis Award Winner

Emma Cunningham

"The Soulmate Myth: How a False Belief Kills True Love"

2021 Thesis Award Winner

Scott Black

"Mother Nature Knows Best: Accepting Scientific Observations for an Old Earth Creationist View"

2019 Thesis Award Winner

Drew Pfeiffer

"Stemming the Tide of Embryo Destruction: A Case for Justice in Regenerative Medicine"

2018 Outstanding Presentation

Daniel MacLean

"Be Careful Little Eyes what you See: How Horror Films are Detrimental to the Soul and Body"

2017 Thesis Award Winner

Kelton Gibson

“A Hell of a Problem? On the Soundness of a Universalist Soteriology”


2016 Thesis Award Winner

Cole Maimone

"The Christian Duty to Vaccinate One's Children"

2015 Thesis Award Winner

Sophia LaFrance

“Revelation: The Best Interpretation of the Last Book of the Bible”

2014 Thesis Award Winner

Summer Chevalier

“The Dangers of Prenatal Testing”


2013 Thesis Award Winner

Abi Sommers

“The Good of Fairy Stories”